This gorgeous Merano Wood Burning Stove features a contemporary steel appearance with a sleek and curved design.

With its compact size of only 43 cm in depth, making it ideal for use in smaller rooms. A classic soapstone and elegant sandstone version is also available.


Height: 1150mm
Width: 515mm
Depth: 430mm

Material: Steel
Body Colour: Grey, Deep Black, Brown
Nominal Heat Output: 6kW
Heating Capacity: 2,9 - 6,5kW
Smoke Outlet: Top or Rear
Degree of Efficienc: 84,1%
Dust: < 40mg/Nm3 (13% O2)
Tertiary Air: Yes
External Combustion Air: Yes
Cool Door Handle: Yes
Weight: 135kg


Skantherm Merano Wood Burning Stove

  • Supplement stone top plate in exchange for steel top plate

    • Soapstone top plate  - 128£
    • Sand stone top plate (Tobacco) - 221£
    • Soapstone for heat retention chamber - 116£
    •  Sand stone for heat retention chamber (Tobacco) -126£

    Heat retention module for steel type, approx. 100 kg, 16 stones - 309£

    Heat retention module for steel type with rounded steel sides approx. 88 kg, 14 stones  - 275£

    Extra charge for closed stone top plate - 57£

    Extra charge for independent from ambient air type - 231£