The Skantherm Emotion Stove is a modern wood burning stove, boasting a simplistic and elegant curved design. Providing a fantastic heat output range.

Providing new possibilities to create a fantastic focal point, or can be used as a functional room partition.


Height: 1000mm
Width: 528mm
Depth: 391mm

Material: Steel
Body Color: Grey, Deep Black, Brown
Nominal Heat Output: 4kW [4,3kW]
Heating Capacity: 2,2 - 4,6kW [2,3 - 4,7kW]
Smoke Outlet: Top or Rear 
Degree of Efficiency: 82,3% [81,4%]
Dust: < 40mg/Nm3 (13% O2)
Tertiary Air: Yes
External Combustion Air: Yes
Cool Door Handle: Yes
Room Air Independent Operation: Yes (DIBt Certification) 
Weight: 139kg (Without Accumulator Top Part)

Skantherm Emotion S Wood Burning Stove

  • Heat accumulating top part „S“

    • for top pipe connection approx. 73 kg, 6 stones - 472.50
    • for top pipe connection approx. 60 kg, 6 stones - 472.50

    Wood compartment doors - 244£

    Drawer for split logs - 321£

    Insert for wood compartment drawer - 220£


    Stone top plates, available kinds of stone: soapstone, sandstone (tobacco) - 462£

    Higher foot, made to measure, with centimetre precison -382£

    Change of colour to platinum - 168£