Breathtaking, adjustable at will, the tailor-made wood stove invented by the German Skantherm. The Elements 603 3S is probably the most daring wood stove in its class. A real set of cubes, it offers the possibility, with its various modules and options, to shape the space in surprising compositions. With three largely glazed sides, the fire is visible from several different angles. The absolute sobriety of the design in black steel or platinum makes it possible to enhance the value of the flame.The heating performance of this wood stove combined with its very high energy efficiency makes it a heating appliance in its own right. Add to this the possibility of adding a Thermostone accumulator, and you will obtain a stove capable of restoring a soft and homogeneous heat during long hours, even after the fire has stopped.


Each burning chamber is equipped with a top plate and a set of four adjusting feet. Also, there is a base box underneath the burning chamber.


  • Connection for external combustion air
  • On top or at the side/at rear (from an element above the combustion chamber possible)
  • Certified for room air independant operation (certification by the DIBt, German Insititute for Building technology): for use with a controlled ventilation and venting system
  • One window each on the left and on the right side
  • Door hinge on left or right hand side - (please specify at time of order)
  • Storage modul for long lasting heat can be integrated
  • This model has a grate and an ash drawer
  • Storage elements are available in different widths (40.0 cm and 60.3 cm)


MATERIAL  -  Steel

BODY COLOUR  -  Black (standard), platinum (optional)




SMOKE OUTLET  - On top or at the side/at rear (from an element above the combustion chamber possible)


EFFICIENCY  -  ≥ 73.0 % DUST    ≤ 40 mg/Nm3 (13 % O2)

Skantherm Elements 603 3S Wood Burning Stove

  • Variaty Of Boxes, Cushions and other Accesories  Available



    Change of colour to grey or platinum

    • Burning chamber with annexe boxes -420£
    • Re-order of annexe boxes, per box - 42