The Skantherm Beo Stove is stylish and modern wood burning stove, providing a heat output of up to 6kW.

Stove combines beauty with style, enhancing the natural elegance of a wood burning fire.

Choice of round or concave top plate, with a grey, deep black or brown body.

Available in a range of  stone finishes.


Beo Wood Burning Stove is extremely efficient. Capable of storing the heat for many hours, prior to slowly releasing it back to the surrounding air.


Height: 1188mm
Width: 570mm
Depth: 497mm

Nominal Heat Output: 6kW
Heating Capacity: 3,0 - 6,1kW
Smoke Outlet: Top or Rear
Degree of Efficiency: 81,4%
Dust: < 40mg/Nm3 (13% O2)
Tertiary Air: Yes
External Combustion Air: Yes
Cool Door Handle: Yes
Weight: (steel/stone/tile) 159/260/190kg

Skantherm Beo Wood Burning Stove

  • Supplement for round or half-round top plate (in exchange for steel top plate; please mention shape of top plate on your order!)

    • Soapstone top plate - 266£
    • Natural stone (Serpentino) top plate. - 266£
    • Sand stone top plate (Tobacco). - 348£
    • Soapstone for heat retention chamber - 137£
    • Natural stone for heat retention chamber (Serpentino) -137£
    • Sand stone for heat retention chamber (Tobacco) - 158£


    Heat retention module for steel type), approx. 83 kg - 302£

    Closed stone top plate - 57£



    Turntable- (rotating by 30° in both directions), rotary flue pipe connection included (without ball bearing) - 336£

    Wall fastening for flue pipe for rotary stoves (recommended!)  - 116£

    Flue pipe connection on ball bearing, not DIBt-certified (the standard rotary flue pipe connection is not equipped with a ball bearing) - 137£

    If the stove is used as independent from ambient air type, the standard flue pipe connection is to be used only!

    Extra charge for independent from ambient air type - 231£