The Bijuga is a robust CorTen steel outdoor stove. Create extra warmth and atmosphere on your terrace all year round. The striking design combines tight lines and surfaces with industrial details. The sheet material is folded out on the connecting seams, and all bolts and nuts are visible. The knobs and push-bars not only provide beautiful touches but are also very practical for operation because they do not get too hot to touch.

A classic design by Atelier Rene Knip.

Weathered rusted appearance
Due to stock levels and the high demand of this product your RB73 might be delivered before the rusting process has completed. If so, the process will occur naturally over the coming months.


Delivered pre-rusted – the rusting process would have been already adapted with manufacturers but always place on a removable surface for first season to stop any residue from staining floor below


RB73 Bijuga Wood Burning Stove