The Rais Gizeh outdoor fire is a unique outdoor fireplace and BBQ for the garden, the Rais Gizeh is essential for those summer garden parties, or for enjoying cooler winter evenings.

Not just an outdoor grill but also a work of garden art, the RAIS Gizeh, like good wine, becomes more beautiful and interesting with time.  The tall and slim pyramid shaped stove is a stunning frame for an outdoor fire in the summer evenings with friends and family gathered around for a barbecue. After dinner the RAIS Gizeh can be used as an open fireplace providing outdoor heating, and always as a beautiful garden sculpture.

The RAIS Gizeh changes appearance with the natural oxidation of the corten steel, which weathers with age over time. The symbol on the back of the frame is the Arabic sign for Gizeh, meaning tip of the pyramid, and is especially beautiful when the light from the fire shines through illuminating it on dark evenings.

RAIS Outdoor Gizeh Fire