Q-Tee II is suitable for lower heat requirement and limited spaces. Common sense, Cubist appearance., and classic design. A cute stove that gives the room a soul. Big viewing windows, superb closing system.

The stove is available with top or rear outlet for the flue duct. AirSystem is also available for the Q-Tee insert, taking combustion air from the outside - designed for low energy houses.

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External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm:435-388-565

Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm:


Distance from centre to the back edge of the top plate in mm:131


Heating (at -20°C) in m2:30-90

Efficiency in %:80

Particulates in g/kg:0,8

Weight in kg:80

Distance to flammable material

To side wall in mm:275

To back wall in mm:350

Recommended distance in mm to non-flammable wall, sides and back:50

Steel Framed Door


RAIS Q-Tee Wall Hung Wood Burning Stove