Juno is a state-of-the-art and almost sculptural wood-burning stove with beautifully rounded, light natural stones standing in striking contrast to the fire and the shiny glass and steel.


Rais Juno Wood Stove displays superior qualities, the 255kg of hot soapstone accumulates the combustion heat and can still be above 60 degrees next morning! To enable this the stove needs to be nice and hot at bedtime.

The Rais Juno Fireplace combines a functional yet elegant design, with practical convection and heat storage. Available with rotating base, spreading the heat and effect of the wood fire across the room.


Heat Output: 2-6kw

Fuel Type: Wood

Height 1200mm
Diameter 470mm
Weight 238kg
Flue: top or rear 150mm/6″
Distance to Combustibles Side: 350mm


Rear: 100mm

RAIS JUNO Soapstone 120 Classic Steel Framed Door Wood Burning Stove